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Nacala Special Economic Zone - Industrial Free Zones

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Nacala Special Economic Zone
Industrial Free Zones
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Industrial Free Zones

Two areas have been designed for deployment Industrial Free Zones, with a total of about 500ha. These areas are about 10 minutes from the Port and 20 minutes from the Airport.
For Industrial Free Zones investment opportunities are available for exploitation (partnerships) for the areas of infrastructure, as Operator of Industrial Free Zone, but especially for industrial activity.
In the industrial area, the ZFI’s will be divided by dedicated and specialized units for metallurgy and metalworking, textiles and confection among other things of the same nature.



Existence of conditions for the establishment of all types of industries, with emphasis on:
a) Textiles and confection;
b)  Leather and Tannery;
c) Construction;
d) Production of construction materials, cement and iron;
e) Ceramics industry;
f) Assembly of several machines and production lines and / or assembly of vehicles, locomotives, boats, among others.

Oil Refinery

Considering that one of the major concerns of the Mozambican government is maximizing the energy sector in Mozambique, there is a real opportunity for an investment project in an oil refinery in Nacala, with a minimum capacity of between 100-300 thousand barrels per day. This project will act as anchor project, facilitating the emergence of other downstream industries, such as industries of fertilizers, plastics among others.

c) Given the agricultural potential of the region in which Nacala is located (North of the Country), the area of agro-processing also constitutes a huge opportunity for investment, highlighting the need for processing products such as: (i) Maize (ii) Peanuts, (iii) sesame (iv) Cassava (v) Beans, (vi) vegetables, (vii) cashew nuts, (viii) Cotton, (ix) tobacco, (x) Wood, (xi) tropical fruits, especially bananas and mangoes, among others.

Technology Parks

Nacala offers opportunities for the establishment and development of technology parks for the production, assembly, improvement and technological innovation in all areas.


Nacala has an enviable tourist potential.
Occupying one of the top places in terms of attracting foreign investment, its strategic tourist products are: sun, sea, sand, ecotourism, culture, sports, among others.
As an exotic tourist destination, investment opportunities and business in the tourism sector are endless, mostly in the construction of Hotels, Restaurants, Water Sports, Exploitation of marine parks, and more.


Nacala is an excellent investment opportunity in services, including transportation, in its various aspects, communications, industrial maintenance and repair, financial services, technical assistance, among others.


Being the construction of infrastructure one of the pillars of development and necessary condition to make the economy competitive, there are great business and investment opportunities in the construction, expansion and maintenance of roads and bridges, condominiums, industrial plants and industrial science and technology parks, among others.

Fiscal Incentives

The ZEE’s and ZFI’s benefit from tax and non-fiscal incentives, namely: Exemption in payment of import taxes (including Value Added Tax), of construction materials, equipment, accessories, parts and other goods for the implementation of the licensed activity in the ZEE’s as well as exemption from VAT on domestic purchases.

Tax incentives for businesses in Special Economic Zones:

• Exemption from payment of IRPC in the first three fiscal years;
• 50% reduction of the IRPC from the 4th to the 10th fiscal year;
• 25 % reduction of the IRPC from the 11th to 15th fiscal year.

Tax Incentives for Operators and Enterprises in Industrial Free Zone

• Exemption from IRPC in the first 10 fiscal years;
• 50% reduction of the IRPC from the 11th to the 15th fiscal year;
•  25% reduction of the IRPC throughout the project’s life.

Tax Incentives for Free Zone Enterprises in an Isolated Regime

• Exemption from IRPC in the first five fiscal years;
• 50% reduction of the IRPC from the 6th to the 10th fiscal year;
• 25% reduction of the IRPC throughout the project’s life.

Non-Tax Incentives

• Provision of land and Environmental Impact Analysis;
• Simplified procedures in the repatriation of profits;
• More flexible labour regime particularly as regards to the hiring of foreign labour and licensing processes;
• Special and extensive Migration scheme;
• Free Foreign Exchange which also provide for free off-shore operations;
• Decentralized and accelerated investment projects analysis and approval;
• Direct protocol and technical assistance to investors


• Legal protection of property and rights, including intellectual property rights;
• No restrictions on loans and interest payments abroad;
• Transfer of dividends abroad;
• Arbitration in accordance with the rules of ICSID or ICC for the settlement of investment disputes;
• MIGA and OPIC services on issues relating to insurance risk investment.
•  Exemption from all taxes on exports of goods;
• Free access to the US market (AGOA); Free access to the Asian market (China), and Preferential access to European markets (EBA’s, Cotonou);
• Political and macroeconomic stability;
• Availability of a hardworking, disciplined and easily trainable manpower;
• The strategic location of the country which is the main corridor for imports and exports for the countries in the Southern Africa region;
• Equality of treatment for all domestic and foreign investors.