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1. What documentation is needed for an investment project to be approved?

Answer: For an investment project to be approved applicants should fill in a form available on the GAZEDA website and the following documentation should be included: i) a copy of the applicant investor ID; ii) a recent commercial certificate or the social denomination reserve of the project implementing company; iii) topographic plant or project location design or even a leasing promise contract or a purchase and sell contract of the property where the company to be licensed will operate. For further information, click here.

2. Is there any difference between GAZEDA and CPI [Investment Promotion Centre] as both operate in the investment field?

Answer: Yes. Despite the both institutions operate in the investment promotion field, CPI operates throughout the country. In turn, GAZEDA is responsible for the establishment, management and development of ZFI and ZEE.

A ZEE is currently operating in Nacala, a Trade Free Area (ZFI) is already operating in Beluluane, two are in the process of settlement and there are companies operating as Isolated Free Area.

3. Is it indispensable that the project implementing company be established effectively for the investment to operate in the Nacala Economic Area?

Answer: All companies implementing investment projects should be effectively based at the ZEEN and perform the fiscal registry (or have an ITN). For already existing companies that need to convert their applicable regime, they should shift their office and their respective ITN to Nacala.

4. Is it incumbent to a foreign company willing to invest in Mozambique to be registered in the national system?

Answer: As a general rule, investment projects should be implemented by companies registered in the Mozambican system, i.e., designed and ruled by the Mozambican law. However, foreign representations duly licensed by a government authorized body (Ministry of Industry and Trade) can also be allowed to implement investment projects.

5. What is the difference among companies operating in the ZEES and those operating in the ZFI?

Answer: Firstly it is worth explaining that both ZEE and ZFI companies are licensed by GAZEDA. The difference between both lies in the legal framework applicable for each. Hence, EZEEs operate within the ZEE area having, however, the possibility of marketing their products locally, i.e., within the country customs area by paying taxes and the various obligations, including the ones on importing foreign goods into the national market.

Given that the ZFI are located in fenced areas, they should set their industrial division within these areas. Another difference lies in that EZFIs are obliged to demonstrate 70% of their production. Only 30% (at maximum) can be provided for the national market under taxation and other duties.