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Beluluane Industrial Free Zone - The BIP is strategically situated on the backbone of Maputo

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Beluluane Industrial Free Zone
The BIP is strategically situated on the backbone of Maputo
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The Free Trade Zone is set to become the premier location in Southern Africa to conduct the export oriented and general industry business. Located centrally within the BIP is Mozal, an aluminum smelter whose shareholders include BHP Billiton, Mitsubishi Corporation, the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa and the State of Mozambique.

The Government of Mozambique is offering generous exemp¬tions on customs duties and tax breaks to businesses setting up in the BIP. Combine this with a cost effective, reliable, local labour force and low operational overheads exporters will have a major financial edge when competing with markets around the world.

Contacts and further information

Nelson Ventura – CEO; Neima Jossub – Legal manager Cell: +258 823997740; Cell: +258 848368872

Some Business Ventures Suited to BIP

• Companies servicing Mozal

• Light manufacturing/production (e. g. garments)

• Heavy manufacturing (e. g. automotive, engineering)

• Downstream aluminum conversion and processing

• Service industries

• Value adding industries

• Packaging and labeling

• Manufacturing primarily for export

• Training providers (e. g. skilling up local labour)

• Free Trade Zone & General Industrial Park

• Incentives-Tax breaks, duty exemptions

• Special discounts on launch phase land

• Purpose built factories and warehouse

• Purchase or rent property

• Lot size from 4000 square meters

• Full park management and servicing

• Cost effective local workforce

• Reliable air and sea transport

• Road access to Southern Africa

•Low inflation, a booming economy

• Government support to set up business

• Mozal smelter within BIP precincts

• Market access to USA through the Africa Growth and Opportuni¬ties Act (AGOA)

• Duty free export quotas to EU markets

• Duty free access to South Africa

How to physically set up in the BIP

You will need land and a building from which to operate. This can be achieved by entering into a contract to occupy the land conces¬sion and then erecting a building yourself (Owner-Occupier), or en¬tering into an agreement with the BIP property developer to provide you with a building on a monthly rental basis (Tenant). Land can be secured through a Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement with Beluluane Industrial Park as follows:


Within the Free Zone, land is USD$ 15/m2; outside the Free Zone is USD$ 12.5/m2; monthly Management and Maintenance fee of USD$ 0.35/m2 in the Free Zone and USD$ 0.30/m2 outside the Free Zone is payable by the Tenants of the Park, after start opera¬tion.

In the first year of operating, the Management and Maintenance fee is free. At the beginning of the second year, the full amount is payable respective to the size of land. .


You can supply and erect your own building if you wish (it must con¬form to BIP and Mozambican building codes) or you can engage a building contractor to erect the building. BIP management can put you in touch with a company that is licensed and familiar with Mozambican building procedures and requirements and are currently constructing warehouse/factory buildings for tenants in BIP.


Factory and warehouse space will be available for rental from the BIP property developer. We provide demarcated stands; each stand, a minimum of 4000/m2, services provided for water, electricity and roads tared, in the Free Zone areas enclosed.

Space is available at USD$ 8.00 m2/month for warehouses/factory. Comfortable, modern office space will also be available for profes¬sional purposes, display areas, showrooms and other white-collar industries.

BIP Business Services:

The Beluluane Industrial Park is here to accompany you through every step of establishing your business in Mozambique. We offer a range of business information and services for Investors:

• General information about Mozambique and cost of factors

• Contacts for civil builders, architects, clearance agents, lawyers, estate agents, clinics and other service providers

• Procedures for registering a company and obtaining the needed licenses to conduct industrial activities;

• Fiscal and Customs procedures

• Hotel contacts and reservations; etc.

Come take advantage of the competitive prices and extraordinary business opportunities available for you at the Beluluane Industrial Park!

Contact us today:

Beluluane Industrial Park, Lot 1

Boane District; Maputo, Mozambique

Cell: +258 82 301 4248

Phone: +258 21 731 382

Fax: +258 21 730 007