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The Mozambican relief can be divided into four main regions according to the average altitude it displays.

The coastal area (up to 200m) includes almost the half of the country’s surface.
The mountainous area (1000 to 2500 m) occupies about 10%. 
The two remaining areas correspond to the medium highlands (200 to 600 m) and to the upper highlands (600 to 1000 m).
The main orographic chains are: the Libombos chain, the Manica and Sofala slopes, the Maravia-Angonia highlands, the Chire-Namuli chain and the Maniamba-Amaramba chain. The Binga mountain in Manica is 2453m high. 

Overall, the Mozambican territory is arranged as an amphitheatre along the Indian Ocean. The mountains lose their altitude as they approach the coast.